Parenting Tip #42: Electric Bikes Are Good For The Family.


We all live in an increasingly digital world. We buy everything we want on Amazon, stream every show imaginable throughout ultra-thin HDTV’s, tablets, and phones, and forfeit face-to-face time with people for Facetime and instant messages. Our social networks are spread wider than ever on the web while our worlds keep getting smaller and smaller. The sad truth is that virtual life is quickly replacing going outside and experiencing the real world. As a consequence we’re all getting fatter, more complacent, more distant from each other, and becoming really boring. WHO WANTS THAT?


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Classic Electric Scooter Vax rear view

Classic Electric Scooter Evolts Vax is an electric scooter to customize their Electric Scooter to suit the local market requirements for their brand

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Classic Electric Scooter Vax side view

Classic Electric Scooter Vax