Classic Electric Scooter Evolts Vax

Classic Electric Scooter Vax 2018 model.

Classic Electric Scooter have become popular for a long time. With stylish lines and comfortable models with the latest technology for transport makes theVax a great experience

Certification for Euro 4 means it is available to sell in most countries in Europe and around the world, so it is suitable for most market requirements.

We have designed the Vax to include the latest motor. controller and battery system with the option of Samsung or panasonic cells. The controller system can be adjusted to meet customer requirements.

One of the major benefits is the size makes this Classic Electric Scooter suitable for men or Women. It can be used for one person but has room and parts to take a pillion passenger.

With a removable battery to allow for hot swap your can continue quickly. You can also have various options of the Motor, battery and Controller to suit the acceleration, speed and range your market requires.

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Classic Model Electric Scooter

Vax Classic options.

  • 2000 Watt or 2500 watt Motor

  • 60 Volt Lithium Removable battery.

  • Standard Front Hydraulic Disc Brake

  • Full Suspension

  • Mechanical Speedometer.

  • Front Light, LED rear and indicators lights.

  • Full Comfortable Seat.

  • Mirrors and Standard,.

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Classic Electric Scooter Evolts VAx.

The Vax Classic Electric Scooter is the latest technology available for Zero Emmission enivromentally friendly transport. Designed to be low maintenance and for lower running cost.

With a reliable rear wheel 2000 watt brush-less electric motor, that will have you riding up to 45 KPH/32 MPH.

With optional removable battery configerations of 60 volt 20ah, 30ah. Which would give you a range from 40km to 60km  (over 2 hours of ride time), perfect for all you riders commuting to work or school.

Charge time on this electric moped is about 1.5 hour to approx 80% capacity and 4-8 hours to full charge.

Powerful, bright Lights allow your bike, turn signal, and head light to be seen from far away during the day and at night.

Built for Comfort with full front and rear suspension, comfortable seat and step through frame for easy mounting.

Safety is paramount and built into the bike. With wider tires ensure you have a good grip with the road. Hydraulic front disc brake, that will have you stopping quicker when you really need it.

High and low beam headlight for emergency and indicators will ensure you can signal your intent when riding.

Vax Classic Model

Vax Classic Photos

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Classic Electric Scooter Evolts vax is great value for companies or customer high grade Transport option with low running costs.