Electric Scooter Distributor Evolts Electric.

Electric Scooter distributor and electric moped manufacturers, are making similar products. You need to customize the Electric mopeds and Scooters to stand out and promote your Brand requirements in your markets.

Evolts Electric, can also assist you to individualize your Electric Mopeds and Scooters , we can also offer Spare parts and after sales systems. 

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Evolts Electric Mopeds

Evolts Electric Mopeds are fitted with Pedals in addition to the Motor. This helps you can get exersize while riding. It also allows you to use the Moped in areas where only bikes are allowed to be used.

The Evolts Atom comes fitted with standard safety equipment, Indicators, lights, horn, double stand for ease of use.

The comfortable seat, speedometer and high grade brakes makes riding a pleasure.

Evolts Electric Scooter Distributor

Evolts Electric Scooters are fitted to higher grade batteries and powerful Electric Motors.

The advantage of Electric Scooters are they are virtually maintenance free and low cost to operate..

Evolts Electric scooter distributor has a variety of models using different style of batteries and motor specifications.

These models are able to be configured to your brand specification and market requirements.

Advantage of working with Evolts electric

Your ELECTRIC Scooter distributor and Electric Moped resource

Our Services

Evolts offers, virtually a business in a box style system. We can assist you with most of your requirments.


Evolts Electric is a range of base electric scooter manufacturer and electric Moped manufacturer in different sizes and specifications.

You can adapt these models for your Brand and market requirments with our help.

Through our parent company AtlasEV we will continue to work with you as the electric scooter distributor. We can make any adjustments for your Electric Scooter or Electric Moped to suit your market and customer needs.

Spare parts

As a Electric Moped or Electric Scooter distributor you need to be able to supply Spare parts for your customers.

To help you, Evolts Electric has the experience to identify the parts you are most likely to be need.

Further more we can help you to make additional profits. We can source and help you test accessories for your Electric Scooter or Electric Moped models. This can individualize your product for your customer for long term commitment.

Sales system

We realize setting up a sales and marketing system is both expensive and time consuming. Evolts Electric has extensive experience in Marketing of Electric Scooters.

As we already have the model information we can offer you a Website and marketing system for your Electric mopeds and Scooters should you need it.

We also have a warranty and aftersales system available including online manuals and fault diagnosis.

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