Electric Moped Manufacturers

Electric Moped Manufacturers, is that the same as factory?

Manufacturing, is the part of the process that designs or customizes an Electric Moped model. Produces a prototype and supervises the production. Furthermore perform the quality assurance and after the sales update the model based on the end customers experience.

We know each person has a different definition of what a manufacturer does.

Our definition is based on China, hence we use our experience of the local method. The system may have four levels, Manufacturer, Factory, Export or Sales Company and Distributor.

Some of these services could be offered together with ready made products. However a complete service sometimes lacks the checks and balances needed for individual markets or Brands. 

Explain the difference! 

The difference between, Factory, Manufacturer, Export or Sales Company and Distributor.

The factory Structure.

In most large factories there are different departments, R&D, Sales, Export, Purchasing, Production, Packing and Export. In a lot of cases the factory is divided into seperate companies, Factory, Sales company  (or in some cases several sales comapnies) Export Department.

An example. The sales department will get the order and the deposit (usually in $USD). The sales department palces the production order to the Factory (ususally in local currency), the factory produces the order. The export department exports the order and provides the documents.

The difference between a Manufacturer and the Sales Company of a factory:

In most cases Electric Moped Manufacturers design their own models or customize model with destinctive advantages for the customers. This is done by having their own molds for certain parts, or having mold in co operation with customers.

Using Manufacturers, you can specify parts from specalized manufacturers that the factory may not normally use.

Since they are not part of the company they can have greater influence over quality problems should they occur. An additional advantages is if a factory closes there is an opportunity to use another factory to produce the model.

The difference between a Manufacturer and the Trading Company:

Trading companies are plentiful in the market. Generally they advertise the Factories standard product and find customers by marketing. They then negotiate a price with the factory to make sure there is some percentage for them. In many cases they export the goods. While they can be independant from the factory using the standard production means they have a lot of competition from the factories own customers.

The difference with Electric Moped Manufacturers, is they generally design their own models or customize model for the customers. So the customers will have destinctive models rather than the same model produced by the factory and several Trading companies.

Product Flow Chart.

Electric Moped Manufacturer.

The Electric Moped manufacturer provides facilities and expertise to design or customize the product. This may be offered as part of the factory services or seperate.

Making a prototype is prefered, this is to make sure you know all the parts included and allows for testing. Once the prototype has been approved it can be manufacturered to the agreed Specification. When you have improvements It allows for adjustments to the product.

Having a seperate manufacturer ensures supervision of the production, this seperates the supervision from the employees of the company. In many cases  employees can not disagree with other companies employees.

Quality check after completion and before packing for shipment. The process starts again with improvements based on feedback from the end user.

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